Introducing Proxima

Our patented [Proxima] technology merges tried and tested barcodes with modern innovations.

This is precisely what allows you to tie your ticketing solution to rich operational analytics including deboarding metrics, journey statistics, PAYG fares and more.

Taking advantage of BLE beacons and smartphone capabilities allows Proxima to show you exactly when customers board and leave your vehicles, as well as incorporating fleet tracking into your in-house real-time information solution.

You get access to invaluable insights which fuel smarter business decisions, and your customers can enjoy stress free travel using your services.

Key Features

Predictive RTI

Give your customers the most reliable real-time data. Powered by live and historical information.

Live Occupancy Data

Stay on top of how full your vehicles are. Use observed patterns to optimise your scheduling

Fleet Tracking

Know exactly where all of your vehicles are at all times.

Advanced CRM

Bolster your customer support operations with detailed customer information, journey stats and more.

Live Occupancy Data

See how many people are on each individual vehicle in real time. This information is invaluable for influencing your operation to ensure that your services are running as efficiently as possible.

By taking advantage of live data through the portal, you can ensure that your customers all get seats, and that you minimize costs sunk operating quiet routes.

Predictive RTI

By merging live and historical data, predictive RTI can help to provide the most accurate times to your customers via stop displays and apps.

Machine learning and advanced AI will take traffic, weather and many more factors into consideration to bring you smarter live times.

Journey Analytics

With detailed journey metrics, you can build a map of passenger flow.

Stay on top of hot spots and ensure that your services are always one step ahead of demand.

Advanced CRM

Quick and efficient ticket resolution is exactly what will keep your customers loyal to your brand.

From the moment a customer gets in touch, you will have detailed information at your fingertips, ready to answer any queries and overcome any issues that they may have.

Revenue Stats

The [OpenTicket] portal shows you precisely how much revenue your operation generates, 
Broken down by route, vehicle, timespan and more.

Generate receipts and invoices for fool-proof financial management.