Smart ticketing for smart cities

Ticketless is the modern passenger, journey and payment solution for modern transport operators.

Combine the benefits of account-based travel with a frictionless experience for your passengers – all for a fraction of the cost of current ticketing solutions.

The Ticketless Passenger App

The Ticketless app is an all-in-one solution for ticketing, journey planning and real-time travel information.

Choose a white-labelled app with your branding and corporate identity.

Built natively for Android, iOS and web by the team behind the the critically acclaimed Bus Checker suite.

⬣  m-Ticketing that works offline

⬣  Real-Time Travel Info and planning

⬣  Contactless Boarding and CiBo/BiBo options*

⬣  Rated 4-5* on iOS, Android and web

⬣  Your branding and social presence

*Check-in / Be-out & Be-in / Be-out

Cloud-based back office

⬣  Account-based ticketing

⬣  Flexible fares and pricing

⬣  Support for pre-pay and post-pay models

⬣  CRM information at your fingertips

⬣  Fleet Telemetry

Thanks to its unique design that leverages the technology your passengers already own, Ticketless generates live data without the need to invest in costly hardware. 

Manage your m-ticketing products and view up-to-date sales and operational data to optimise your quality of service. Get an oversight of your entire operation and drill down to manage products, fleets and customer relationships. 

Real-time insights

As passengers check in or out, Ticketless generates live data that allows you to optimise your services, monitor your fleet, and make key operational decisions. 

This data can even be recycled back into your passenger information systems allowing passengers to see the occupancy of approaching vehicles. 

⬣  Improve route profitability with live occupancy data

⬣  View and export m-Ticket sales

⬣  Recover lost milage with rich route and passenger data

⬣  Use actual real-time passenger data rather than estimates

⬣  Improve ticket margins by optimising prices based on customer behaviour

Range of Check-in Options

Allow passengers to validate their tickets in a way that suits your business and budget. Integrate with existing on-board QR readers or switch to our low-cost, zero-hardware Hex Tags. 

⬣  Optional staff app for revenue protection

⬣  Advanced security and fraud detection

Hex Tags

Hex Tags are our newest innovation that replaces costly on-board hardware and allow a passenger’s smartphone to act as the ticket validator. Fast, secure and deployable anywhere in an instant. 

Our low-cost Hex Tag stickers are placed onto vehicles at entry points, which passengers then scan or tap with their smartphones to check in. These industrial-grade tags support QR and NFC on both iOS and Android devices. 

Hex Tags can also be upgraded to a beacon-enabled solution providing Check-in/Be-out and Be-in/Be-out travel. Passengers simply leave the vehicle and are automatically checked out without touching their devices. Ticketless tracks their journey and offers them the best price. 

⬣  Replace costly hardware and maintenance

⬣  3 in 1 solution: QR, NFC and bluetooth

⬣  Supports Check-in/Be-out and Be-in/Be-out

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