Billion Journey Project

Ticketless by UrbanThings wins at The Billion Journey Project

UrbanThings is thrilled to have won Cohort’s Choice at Go-Ahead’s The Billion Journey Project, Demo Day Awards. 

UrbanThings joined Go-Ahead’s 8-week transport innovation programme, The Billion Journey Project back in July. The project is run by Go-Ahead’s innovation team and aims to help scale-ups grow within the rail and bus industry. We are excited to announce that UrbanThings are the winners of one of the two big prizes, The Cohorts Choice Award.

UrbanThings presented Ticketless to a packed room full of transport operators, innovators, and industry experts on September 19th. Following the award ceremony, Go-Ahead also announced that they had selected several of the companies to work with their subsidiaries. We’re excited to be one of them. UrbanThings will be partnering with Brighton & Hove Buses and Ticketer, to perform the UK’s first CiBo trial integrated with a ticket machine.

Go-Ahead Chief Executive, David Brown presents Carl Partridge, CEO UrbanThings with Cohort’s Choice Award

UrbanThing’s CEO Carl Partridge is happy with the result. “It’s a honour to receive this acknowledgment from our peers. We are similarly wishing them the best of success. UrbanThings is tremendously excited about the opportunity to conduct the upcoming CiBo (Check-in, be-out) trial. We are very grateful for all the support we’ve received from the team and mentors at The Billion Journey Project.”

UrbanThings’ UK government-backed product Ticketless, is an innovative mobile-ticketing platform for public transport. It enables operators to lower their costs by removing on-vehicle hardware. The smart ticketing system will ultimately move from a CiBo model to full BiBo (Be-in Be-out) technology using Bluetooth beacons. The CiBo trial in partnership with Brighton & Hove buses and Ticketer will begin in March 2019.

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