What is Ticketless?

Ticketless brings seamless m-Ticketing to your fleet.

We live in a mobile-first world. Now you can take advantage of the ticket validators that your customers already carry in their pockets. Save up to 95% on hardware costs.

Passengers download an app, register a payment method, then board your vehicles. Active beacon technology tracks their journey and manages capping, fare collection and receipts within our cloud-based back office. Deliver your brand and products to customers through an engaging, familiar medium.
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An m-Ticketing app to improve your customer experience

Perfect the passenger journey with fast, frictionless boarding through the Ticketless app, fully white-labelled with your logo, branding and social media presence.

A comprehensive personalised travel companion for your customers, it offers journey planning, real-time departures and occupancy data. Once on board, the app interacts with our beacons to provide in-journey information, including next-stop and customer service alerts.

UrbanThings has years of experience delivering premium mobile experiences to customers worldwide, and now you can incorporate that into your operation. Drive ticket sales and customer engagement with a beautiful user experience.

A powerful portal to engage with customers and manage your operation

A beautifully designed, responsive web portal delivers rich operational insights including deboarding metrics, journey statistics, and PAYG fares. You’re in full control of your transit, pricing and customer data.

Journey Analytics

With detailed journey metrics, you can map passenger flow and make key operational decisions. Stay on top of hot spots and ensure that your services are always one step ahead of demand.

Advanced CRM

Drill down into customer demographics and extract key information. Your presence on passengers’ mobile devices means you can re-engage with them time and time again through targeted loyalty offers.

Revenue Stats

The Ticketless portal delivers detailed revenue reporting, broken down by route, vehicle, timespan and other metrics. Generate receipts and invoices, and update your products in seconds.

Unrivalled Customer Support

Ticketless customers can opt for a full passenger-facing support service via multiple channels including email, in-app and a branded web portal. Experienced support staff will handle everything from app usage queries to refunds claims.

Cutting-edge technology to collect fares and provide insights

Our patented Ticketless technology takes advantage of Bluetooth Smart to enable fast and accurate detection of passengers. It can operate alongside existing fare collection systems, and we offer a range of integrations with NFC smart card systems.

Active BLE beacons and your app work together to show you exactly when customers board and leave your vehicles, as well as incorporating fleet tracking into your in-house RTI solution. You get access to insights which fuel smarter business decisions, and your customers can enjoy fully frictionless travel.

Predictive RTI

By merging live and historical data, predictive RTI can help to provide the most accurate times to your customers via stop displays and apps.

Machine learning and advanced AI take traffic, weather and other factors into consideration to bring you reliable live times. Ticketless can optionally publish your RTI via a scalable Open Data platform in a variety of developer-friendly formats.

Occupancy and AVL

See where your fleets are in real time, and how many people are on each individual vehicle. Track and analyse your fleet’s performance, or detect disruptions in real time.

Zero-integration Option

Don’t want hardware? We offer a free zero-integration option that uses visual validation. You could be up-and-running within hours with your own m-Ticketing solution.